Racism, Reducing


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About reducing and/or stopping events like that Shootings in Dallas … And about reducing the Shootings and Killing of Blacks … And about reducing the tensions and the lack of trust between Blacks and Whites and Police … And to improve the cooperation of Black community members with Police, to reduce or stop the major violence and killing of Blacks …
   The major obvious Solution is to reduce or stop Racism !


   Note that Racism is almost completely about Blacks, certainly in the recent months, and not much about other races.   It seems obvious that this is because no other race in the USA, has endured slavery.   As a result, Blacks having suffered the most.
      The legacy of Slavery has continued, for about 300 years !   From the tortuous ripping of Blacks from their countries in Africa … to Slavery in the USA … to bleeding fingers while picking cotton !   From Whites viewing Blacks as non-people … as almost invisible … as worthless … to deserving of being lynched !   From the Ku Klux Clan … to being viewed by the public as very low-class people … to being people who are to be avoided … to being considered as people who have very bad intentions … to being considered as angry and violent !
      How many Whites could survive such atrocious treatment for a month, let alone 300 years ! ?
      The Blacks survived all this, via hope and faith, and prayer, and music and dancing and laughter.   It is truly amazing !   Still nowadays, they survive via hope and faith, and prayer, and music and dancing and laughter.


      The residuals of the above legacy … Many Whites still think about most Blacks as inferior, and nowadays as angry, and to be feared, and certainly as very deserving of suspicion.   It is so very difficult for Blacks to survive this, to tolerate it, day after day !   There are stories nowadays, about influential Black leaders, professors, businessmen, senators, being asked for their identification, and being pulled over while driving !   Especially young Black men, whether potentially violent, or nice and polite, are so very susceptible to being arrested or shot or killed !


      Considering all of the above … It is stunning, admirable, that there are so many wonderful successful Black role models … as business leaders, as very influential senators and representatives, as pastors who are helping young men and women to become successful productive citizens, as superb athletes, as attorneys, as actors on TV and in movies, as famous singers and dancers, as superb musicians, as marvelous educators, as excellent policemen and police chiefs, and much more !   One example that I like so much … is a young fellow who was selling snow cones on the streets of Chicago, who became so very well educated, and who became the marvelous Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick !   So many in his administration, were also very well educated.   Several of us heard Governor Patrick give a speech, and we all agreed that he was so very bright and perceptive, and that he could be a marvelous president of the USA !
      From slavery to role models … I believe that I, a White, would not have been able to do what so many Blacks have done !


      Considering the major contributions of the above role models … Also consider the remainder of the Blacks, so marginalized and ignored and maligned and feared … and consider how much the USA could improve, by adding their perhaps marvelous contributions.


   About the recent shootings and killings of Blacks, and about the shootings and killings of Policemen …
      The major obvious Solution is to reduce/stop Racism !
      President Obama said, “Democracy doesn’t work, if we constantly demonize ourselves.”.
      It is obvious that back and forth escalating violence does not work.   A major example is the about 400 years of back and forth escalating violence of the Sunnis and the Shiites .   Another example is the many decades of back and forth escalating violence of the Israelis and their neighbors.
      A marvelous USA program called  “The Seeds of Peace”  proved that children {Israelis and Arabs} easily could learn about each other, and like each other !   When they returned home, they tried to convince their parents that liking their enemies is possible.   The parents were so very linked with their history of violence, that the children were not able to persuade the parents to stop their violence.   It is obvious that the parents are the ones who need to change, to stop the legacy of their violent history !

SOLUTIONS  …  {Brainstorm about this.} …
   How can Racism, and the resulting back and forth violence, be reduced or stopped ? …
      It is already being done very successfully in some areas, in some small groups.   Why not emulate this success?   Why not do this in many many groups, all over the USA?   Wouldn’t these minor efforts be worth the resulting major successes?
         The successful programs by these small groups, are like  “Seeds of Peace”  … for adults … and for children.
         In these programs … Police and/or Blacks have decided to learn about each other, to get together in friendly activities and circumstances … to realize that both groups actually want the same thing … to get along with each other, without violence.   Some examples of these existing successful programs/Solutions …
            Baseball or Basketball or other activities with Blacks and Police together
            Police walking children to school, keeping them safe, and making friends with them
            “Community policing” … Police walking in their communities, making friends with adults and children and shop-owners
         Can you all envision the above … and/or some other successful programs/Solutions?
            Are you all willing to make the effort … to keep trying, in spite of temporary setbacks … to make them happen?
         Hope and Faith and Prayer are wonderful.   So far, this has been not enough.   I have heard people say the following things … God has given us free will … either to choose to continue with the current scenarios … or to choose to improve our situations.   God can not do this alone … our actions are needed.   We can do this.   This is possible.


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