Originally, this Website was for "Improving Education" only.

Now it is for several topics.


Much will be added and changed.


NOTE {We 3/14/18} ...

During the next 7 days, I will add a section for the School Shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  I have many articles and videos Bookmarked.  Using these, I will add many new ideas, and also other websites dedicated to making USA schools safer.  I am intending to work with the Parkland students, to help them establish a website, perhaps similar to this one, which will be for all schools in the USA, to help them to brainstorm about how to make their schools safer.

Temporary ideas for today's meeting in St. Albans, VT ...

"Walk Up - Not out" {Check CBS "This Morning" - Do not leave troubled friends alone - Walk Up to them, and offer help and friendship.}.

One of my Bookmarks ... "High schooler's "Sit With Us" app tackles lunchtime bullying - CBS News" -  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/a-more-perfect-union-sit-with-us-app-unites-students-fights-bullying/  .

I knew about this next one a couple of weeks ago, but Bookmarked it just now...  https://saferschoolstogether.com  ... a very professional website... perhaps with better information than mine... and actually suited very well for my other project, helping Pastor Corey Brooks to reduce the about 500 annual murders in Chicago...  https://www.projecthood.org/  and  https://heyjackass.com/  {miserable name - helpful information ! }.


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NOTE {Sa 10/1/16} ...

I added the "Climate Change" ... "To Slow Climate Change NOW" portion of this website.

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About  "School Shootings"  ...

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About  "Shootings"  ...

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NOTE {Sa 8/6/16} ...

On Mo 7/18/16, I added the initial version of "Shootings" and "Racism, Reducing" and Police, New methods".

On We 7/20/16, I asked people to review and comment.

On Sa 8/6/16, I edited all this, changing from the one-portion "Shootings", into the 4 portions now showing.


NOTE {Sa 4/20/13} ...

The "School Shootings" portion of this Website initially was added in Dec. 2012.   Today, I am pointing out that this Website predicted correctly the following things ...

1.  that, in addition to Shootings, there are other methods of causing Tragic Deadly mass Violence.   Since writing that, there were Bombings and Knifings in schools.

2.  that places other than schools could be attacked, such as the Boston Marathon.

3.  that Anonymous Public Phone Tip Lines are extremely important and powerful, as in the case of the Boston Marathon.   In the case of the Boston Marathon, major help came from the Public also, with Cell Phone Photos and Videos, and Phone Tips.   I believe that the FBI and the police were able to find the perpetrators much more quickly, with this help from the Public.


NOTE {We 7/20/16} ...

Since the "School Shootings" portion of this website was completed, I phoned many schools in the USA, a few days after a tragedy, including the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, offering this website as a method of enabling and facilitating Brainstorming, to help make those schools safer.   I found out that one school was planning to gather the administration and the community, to discuss how to make their school safer, before a tragedy might occur, so I phoned them to offer this website.   I did visit one school in Pennsylvania.