"To Slow Climate Change NOW"


Urgent ! … Someone who knows Leonardo DiCaprio @LeoDiCaprio , Please introduce us today.  If Leo would  “Follow”  me, he could send to me  “Direct Messages”  on Twitter.  My urgency is because of the acceleration of Climate Change.  My Plan  “To Slow Climate Change NOW”  will work faster and better than any other plan.  It can begin to work in a month or two!  This is urgent also because there is a meeting at the White House on Monday, Oct. 3, 2016.  https://www.whitehouse.gov/SXSL  http://www.people.com/article/president-obama-leonardo-dicaprio-climate-change-talk-south-by-south-lawn  … President Obama @POTUS will meet with both Leonardo DiCaprio @LeoDiCaprio and my Twitter friend Katharine Hayhoe @KHayhoe {Google about her.} to discuss Climate Change.  They both are superb with regard to worldwide recognition, inspiration, and persuasion.  I need these things to make my Plan  “To Slow Climate Change NOW”  work.  It is almost too late to save humans and other species.  It is absolutely critical that I discuss this with Leonardo DiCaprio, now, so that we can work together.


The  “Stanford Plan”  {described in @billmckibben Bill McKibben’s article, “A World at War”} describes the colossal effort required to make enough solar panels and wind turbines.  My Plan will add new methods and ideas, and also will reduce the amount of energy and effort needed to make the massive transition to  Sustainable Alternative Energy Methods  SAEM , making this transition happen much sooner, and more completely.  The fossil fuel companies will continue to supply the gigantic demands… until the need for fossil fuels fades way, due to this transition to  SAEM .  {for this  “lightbulb moment” , my major thanks to a Tweet by Kelly Rigg @kellyrigg }  


Obviously, the faster we make this transition, the better our slim chance to survive.  Always, there is much talk about beginning to do things in 2020 or 2030 or later, and this is ludicrous !  We are so very close to a  “tipping point” , after which there is little hope of slowing Climate Change !


My favorite of my statements — “Unless we Slow Climate Change Now” … Nothing else we do … No matter how wonderful … Matters”


Since about 9/22/16, my Plan has been gaining credibility for me, with each article or Tweet, and with each passing hour.  Now, I am certain that my Plan will work effectively, beginning in a month or two !   The major ideas of mine will make a big difference, but will take a year or two.  The smaller ideas of mine can make a major difference within a month, because millions of people will help.   The Pope @Pontifex , and President Obama @POTUS , will be very pleased about this :-) .


Evidence of my being able to have good insights … In 2012 it occurred to me that the only people who can  “Pull the Giant Levers”  are the world leaders.  My paper  http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php?/article/to-slow-climate-change-now-people-power-/  was about  “to persuade and/or to force world leaders to … ”.  That was my 1st Plan.  It failed because I did not have enough recognition to be able to assemble millions of youth for the  “people power” .  Several months ago, I realized that this 1st Plan was right on target, because of 3 events years later …  The Paris Conference  /  The People’s Climate March  /  The meeting of world leaders at the UN .  In the past year, there was more evidence of this Plan being on target … China, within several days, decided and closed several coal plants, and banned new ones !  … The government of Norway decided to waive the whopping 25 percent sales tax and the road registration fee for electric cars.  A quarter of all new car sales have 'E' plates -- for electric.  http://www.cbsnews.com/news/norway-latest-trend-electric-cars-climate-change/  … Again, this past week, Oslo’s leaders -  “Oslo's radical climate budget aims to halve carbon emissions in four years.”  http://www.reuters.com/article/us-climatechange-oslo-idUSKCN11Y1RK  




Some of my experiences …


As a Lieutenant in the US Navy, I taught Mathematics and Thermodynamics to enlisted men, at Admiral Rickover’s Nuclear School in Groton, CT.  Being a mechanical engineer with a Masters Degree from Stanford University, and a Bachelors Degree from Princeton University, this was easy.  Admiral Rickover wanted educated people to operate Nuclear Submarines.  We had a mind-blowing ride on the Attack Submarine, “Skipjack”.


Working in the  “Advance Products”  division of Worthington Corporation … I visited the  HTGCR  High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor  nuclear plant in Peachbottom, PA., to figure out the problem with our  “Sliding Vane” Helium Compressor.  As a very young engineer in a meeting with senior engineers, I was a bit shy to tell them about the clue on a vane which was passed around {shy because they could not figure it out}.  Finally, figuring that I was paid to help, I spoke up, and I was correct about the problem.
   Also, I worked on calculations for  “Pumped Storage”  at Storm King Mountain on the Hudson River - versus using our diesel-powered generators to supply electricity at peak times.


In Vermont, I co-authored  “The Feasibility of Generating Electricity in the State of Vermont, Using Wood as a Fuel” .


Also in Vermont, I designed successfully, a  “Semi-Automatic Home-Heating Gasifier” , just using my common sense.  Someone else designed the  TTL  Transistor/Transistor/Logic  circuitry, for Startup/Sequence/Timing/Safety/Shutdown, but there were bugs in it, so I borrowed a book on  Digital Electronics , and debugged it myself.  It was connected to an existing oil-burning furnace, and used the existing home thermostat, and the extremely hot wood-gas flame was absolutely clean.