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See if any of the suggestions below are appealing to you ...

Start with an easy one.   See if you enjoy it.   Do more later if you wish.


1.  Visit the school where your children are.   Your children will notice that you consider Education important.   Their interest, enthusiasm, and grades, will rise.
     1a.  Try to do this with groups of parents.   This makes an even greater impression on the children than the above.
2.  Offer to read with younger children now and then.   This will help the children immensely.   The one-on-one time is also very motivating.   This is marvelous for older people to do.
3.  The above will work for Mathematics … or for any Subject.
4.  For 2. and 3. ... It is proven that, having a very gentle quiet dog lying on the floor near the child during reading or during the study of any Subject ... improves the results !
{ Example -   www.kplu.org/post/dogs-once-homeless-kids-share-love-reading-and-each-other   }
5.  Take a group of children on trips to the woods, or to a marsh, or to a beach.   It is proven that enthusiasm rises markedly, and children's curiosity will cause them to explore, to find things, to ask questions, and to learn many topics at a higher rate.   Children might also find a passion for their life.
More ambitious things to do …
1.  Extremely helpful, is to "Mentor" a child.   Ask people about this.   It is a commitment for a certain time per week.
2.  Arrange to offer at your children's school, Education for Parents and other Adults.   This shows the children that Adults consider Education important.   The children's interest, enthusiasm, and grades, will rise.

3.  To help Homeless {temporary or permanent} Children ... Bonding with Homeless Dogs ... Children learn Responsibility and Respect, and how to take care of themselves, while taking care of a dog ...   www.wfaa.com/news/entertainment/pets/Homeless-kids-bond-with-abandoned-dogs-at-Dallas-shelter-104989509.html  



Unusual things to do ...


1.  Use the Website below to help children to learn any of many Subjects much more easily ... You and I could use it also !   {I never studied Geology in school, and now I want to know about it :-) !}



2.  Use this Apple  APP  to study many topics.   You can earn a ?Stanford? University College Degree for free this way !


For more information about the founder of this, watch this 19 min., 12 sec. interview ...